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What lies beneath the surface of your teeth and the supporting tissues is naked to the visible eye. We can only see what’s on the surface, which is why we rely on advanced digital X-rays to let us get a better idea of your oral health. Digital X-rays can help Dr. Khramoy diagnose a potential oral problem before it even becomes a problem. We rely heavily on state-of-the-art digital X-ray machines to find cavities, see tooth roots, determine if gum disease is an issue, check the status of developing teeth, and more. 

There are several different X-rays we can order, including bite-wing, panoramic, occlusal, and periapical. Rest assured, our process is comfortable and doesn’t expose patients to unnecessary amounts of radiation.


Let us take a look deeper beneath the surface of your teeth, inside of your bones, and supporting tissues! The process is quick and painless. We will usually take X-rays of your teeth during your routine teeth cleaning appointment or to look for any potential oral problems. Call to schedule an appointment today. 
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